Aims and Scope

Architectural Research(AR)

- ISSN(print) 1229-6163
- ISSN(online) 2383-5575

 Architectural Research is a refereed international journal, devoted exclusively to the art and science of architecture, urbanism, and architectural engineering. The journal is edited by the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK), and published quarterly. The Institute was founded in 1945 and is now incorporated as a non-profit educational and scientific institution. The AIK serves as a centre for information on research and development in architecture, urbanism, and architectural engineering.

 The scope of the journal involves the aspects of science, technology and art in architecture, urbanism, and architectural engineering. Therefore, architectural planning and design, project management, structural engineering, structural engineering, building materials, environmental engineering, information technology, and other fields related to built environment should be included in this journal. The editors welcome good quality contributions from all over the world.

 The official title of the journal 'International Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea' and the abbreviated title is 'Architectural Research (AR)'. This journal is open access, and is indexed in Korea Citation Index, Korea Science. The URL address of the Journal is where full text is available.